Prepare to Dare

Prepare to Dare is a book on risk management in

general. It describes the elements of risk management

as well as how to implement these

Use of heatmaps is described as these are commonly

requested by regulators and executives and boards.

These are, however, not advocated, and the book

demonstrates better ways of monitoring and reporting on uncertainty.

The book includes a discussion of risk management maturity as well as provide an assessment guide which enables identifying improvement opportunities.

Hans Læssøe has written a very readable book about his deep experiences as an effective international risk management executive. The book contains a wealth of valuable insights that can be transposed directly into hands-on practice by the astute business reader. Torben Juul Andersen Professor, Strategy and International Management Copenhagen Business School

In this book, the author presents useful and practical risk management tools, processes and frameworks which can help organizations achieve strategic advantage in a volatile and disruptive world. The book draws on the pioneering work of the author in leading the development of Strategic Risk Management at the LEGO Group. This is a book that should be read by management teams, risk management professionals, well as board members. I highly recommend this book! Dr. Mark L. Frigo, PhD, CPA, CMA Ezerski Endowed Chair Director, Strategic Risk Management Lab DePaul University – Chicago, IL USA

A fascinating look inside the alternative to traditional risk management. Moving beyond risk mitigation to informed risk taking. I found the chapters about integration into decision making and strategic planning very refreshing and practical. I am sure risk practitioners will also Hans’s take on the risk management maturity and the future of the risk management profession. Great book, highly recommended! Alexei Sidorenko, CRMP, CEO, Risk Academy


The book can be purchased at Amazon as Kindle or as paperback from Amazon and others. The book can be purchased as pdf using PayPal in the below link.

Decide to Succeed

Decide to Succeed is a small (74 page) book describes how to

effectively implement decision risk management.

First it describes the decision process of any organisation, and

split this in element of "what" and a "how". Whereas the "what"

can be difficult to affect, the "how" is often both easier and more

efficient to affect.

The purpose of doing this is to ensure a higher likelihood of success, i.e. meeting or exceeding targets.

The book is based on a reference decision of a product launch, and demonstrates how this can be risk managed on time and money simultaneously.

The approach leverages Monte Carlo simulation and is able to report on the likelihood of:

  • Meeting/exceeding targets
  • Falling short, but within an acceptable range
  • Deliver unacceptable poor performance

When buying the book, you get the pdf of the book as well as the reference project model which works with the Monte Carlo simulation tools of both:

  • @Risk from Palisades
  • ModelRisk from Vose software

The book exemplifies the use of intelligent risk taking.

“Decide to Succeed is a fantastic go-to resource for both risk management and project management professionals who want to influence the decision-making process at their organization. The practical guidance and in-depth example provide you with the details needed for successful execution.” Carol Williams, Founder, ERM Insights by Carol


The book can be purchased at Amazon as Kindle or as paperback from Amazon and others. The book can be purchased as pdf using PayPal in the below link.